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Prenatal Care at Georgia OB/GYN

Congratulations!  You’re pregnant!  Whether it’s your first child or not, Dr. McCord and midwife Laura Houwers are here to answer your questions and provide up to date and personalized care for the family.  We provide care for both normal and high risk pregnancies.  Our goal is the best of health of both mother and baby and a special and memorable birth experience.

During your pregnancy you will have regular prenatal visits which are important for optimal health for both baby and mother.  During your first visit, which is typically between 8-10 weeks, we will do a complete history and physical as well as significant family history.  We will also typically do an ultrasound at this visit as well in order to ensure accurate dates for anticipated delivery.  At this time you will also be assessed regarding risk status and a plan will be developed with you for the best care possible.  This visit is also a good opportunity to express any problems or concerns you have regarding your pregnancy.


*If you have previously had an early miscarriage or tubal pregnancy we would like to see you by the 8th week of pregnancy.  Please advise the office staff making appointments if this is the case.


Prenatal Care

When expecting, regular check-ups and wellness exams are very important to the health of both you and your baby. We provide regular examinations to make sure you and baby are progressing normally through the various stages of your pregnancy. We also advise you on what to expect as you draw closer to your delivery date. We provide care for both normal and high-risk pregnancies.



Routine prenatal visits are usually done:

  • once per month for weeks 10-28
  • twice per month during weeks 28-36
  • weekly from 36 weeks to birth

If your pregnancy is higher risk we may see you more often than routine visits.

There is routine lab testing done throughout your pregnancy.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • labs for anemia
  • blood type and screen
  • rubella immunity
  • STD screenings
  •  Sickle cell trait
  • Genetic screening
  • Screening for gestational diabetes


Whether you have a vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery we make every effort to provide a wonderful birthing experience for you and your family.  At this time we do not provide VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean deliveries.

Dr. McCord and Laura deliver at Piedmont Newnan Hospital located at 745 Poplar Road, Newnan, Ga 30265.  It is a state of the art facility that also boasts a Level III NICU with on-site 24/7 Neonatology staff.

During your pregnancy you will be offered routine tests that can let you know about the health of your baby.
Below is a brief description of what to expect during your visits.

6-10 Weeks - Usually on your first visit you will be seen by a physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Nurse Midwife. At this time they will perform a pelvic exam including a pap smear along with cultures to detect sexually transmitted diseases.

10-12 Weeks - During this time you will have an appointment with a nurse to discuss your medical and genetic history. Make sure that you sit down with family members to discuss pertinent medical history prior to this appointment. The nurse will give you information on Cystic Fibrosis testing, and the 1st and 2nd trimester screening for Down Syndrome and Spinal Bifida.

12-13 Weeks - During this time you will hear your baby’s heart beat for the first time. You will have an ultrasound to give us an accurate due date. At this visit and for all visits until delivery you will have height, weight, and blood pressure checks. Blood work will be drawn including blood type, blood count, Rubella, Titers, Hepatitis B, HIV, and Herpes Type 1 and 2. We will draw the first part of your Downs Syndrome testing called the Sequential or Serum Integrated screen. Cystic Fibrosis testing may also be drawn at this visit.

16 Weeks - The second part of the Downs Syndrome test will be drawn it is called the Alpha-fetoprotein. We usually receive these results in 10-14 business days. The results will be discussed with you at your next visit. Should these results be abnormal, we will contact you by phone.

20 Weeks - Your scheduled ultrasound is normally schedules around the 20th-24th week. Many expectant parents request us to determine the sex of their baby. Genitalia are present at this time, but we cannot guarantee our results to be accurate.

24-26 Weeks - You will have a lab test to determine if you have Gestational Diabetes. This test is mandatory for all of our expectant mothers. This test takes one hour to complete, so plan for this visit to last a little longer than others. You do not have to fast for this test, but you should not eat or drink anything containing large amounts of sugar. These results are normally available in 2 working days. If the results are abnormal we will contact you regarding additional testing.

28-30 Weeks - This is a good time to preregister for delivery. A registration packet is available at the front desk. Registration is located at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. You will need the registration packet, your picture ID and your insurance card to register.

34-36 Weeks - Until now most of your visits have been monthly. You will now have biweekly visits. At this visit you will have a pelvic exam for Group B Strep. If you have tested positive with a previous pregnancy you will be retested. Group B Strep can be normal for women, but can be serious if the baby is exposed to it at birth. If you are positive you will receive antibiotics during labor.

36-40 Weeks - You will now be seen weekly, it is important to keep all appointments so that we can make sure both you and your baby are healthy.